Complete TBI Conversion Kit for Stock Big Block Chevy 454 7.4L $1029.99


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Performance Fuel Injection Systems Complete Stand Alone Fuel Injection System Kit * This is a complete fuel injection system kit. Upgrade your carburated Classic Car, Truck, Jeep, Mud Bogger, OFF Road Truck, or Hot Rod to a Fuel Injection kit from Performance Fuel Injection Systems. Fuel injection is becoming a very popular upgrade or TBI conversion to any carburated vehicle, get that new car starting with Fuel Injection from Performance Fuel Injection Systems. Not only do you get excellent cold start ups but increase your fuel mileage and the performance of that car or truck that you love to drive. Whether it is a daily driver or the Car, Truck, or Hot Rod you drive on the weekend get that feeling that a turn of the key and its running. No more pulling the choke pumping the gas pedal to start. Oh by the way guys, now if your wife or girlfriend wants to drive your cool car up town to get something at the store she just might take the old Hot Rod seeing that she knows it going to start and run with out flooding out the engine. fuel injection conversion is a good choice for any carburated vehicle. * Stand alone means that the system only needs 12 volt ignition and 12 volt battery feed to make the system run. We only use the 5 sensors so this is a very simple system, and the best of all the fuel injection system installed on your vehicle runs completely closed loop once warmed up (14.7 air fuel ratio) just like the new vehicles, but with fewer sensors than a new car. This TBI system is based off the reliable 1987 to 1995 Chevy PU with Throttle Body Injection (TBI) this was a proven great system for years and there were and still are thousands of these vehicles out there. Not only that but all the parts used in our Fuel Injection System Kit from Performance Fuel Injection Systems are off the shelf parts available at any Auto Parts Store NAPA, Auto Zone, Advanced Auto, O’Rileys, Pep Boys etc. The TBI and the ECM are remanufactured the rest of the parts NEW Fuel pump NEW Small Cap Distributor (except the upgrade large cap distributor is a remanufactured with new ignition module and pickup coil) The adaptor plate is a custom CNC machined plate that is pocketed to draw off all 4 holes (barrels) on your intake manifold. If you need a adaptor plate for a 2-barrel or some other configuration please drop us a line or email. Sensors are NEW. The wiring harness is all made with TXL wire which is water oil and grease resistance, and all in convoluted loom (split loom) which makes for a good looking system when you open the hood. Comes With Complete Instructions for installation. REMEMBER FREE SHIPPING THIS KIT IS FOR A STOCK BIG BLOCK CHEVY 454 (7.4L) ENGINE Complete Fuel Injection System for Stock Big Block Chevy 454 Fuel Injection System Includes: TBI – Rebuilt 2.000 TBI fuel injection Wiring Harness Check engine light Fuel pump Adapter plate – Precision machined aluminum pocket plate Fuel tubes Installation instructions Heated O2 Sensor Map Sensor IAC Sensor TPS Sensor Coolant Temperature Sensor Necessary hardware and gaskets to mount system to intake manifold (Please specify what brand Manifold you have) Fuel filter Fuse link Air cleaner stud Small cap distributor – (Large cap available at additional cost) ECM (maybe re-manufactured) with custom calibrated EPROM chip (installed in ECM) Warranty: 90 days for ECM and distributor 1 year on the rest of the system component

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