Fuel Injector Cleaning and Serivce $9.99 ea

PFI Cleaning & Service

Fuel Injector Cleaning and Service

Performance Fuel Injection Systems Fuel Injector Cleaning and Service $9.99 Per Injector – Includes Return Shipping Cars that have fuel injectors can have all sorts of issues if the injectors are dirty. Why risk major engine failure when you could just have a dirty fuel injector? Our fuel injector cleaning service includes cleaning, testing, and ensuring your fuel injectors return back to the manufacturer’s specifications. We can bring those injectors back into like new condition and performance for a fraction of the price of new or re-manufactured units. What our service includes: The injectors are cleaned by an ultrasonic cleaning machine. After cleaning, new filter baskets, o-rings, spacers and pintle caps are installed. We include a service report that shows the before and after flow of your injectors. *Note on condition “New (Other)” eBay does not have a selection for “service” under condition so in the case of this listing “New Other” means “Service” Be sure to select the quantity for the number of injectors you are sending in. For example, if you are sending us 8 injectors for an 8 cylinder, please select a quantity of 8. Each injector is $9.99 and includes the parts. Injectors we service: MPFI – Multi-Port Fuel Injection TBI – Throttle Body Injection GDI – Gas Direct Injection We will contact the buyer if there is any issue with your fuel injectors. In the rare case that an injector cannot be restored to the manufacturer’s specifications, we will notify buyer with options available.

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